Silven 'Silvie' Iris Yocum
On Sept 16, 2006 at 6:49 a.m., Silven "Silvie" Iris Yocum died of head trauma and internal injuries of unknown origin, according to authorities. She was just 5 years old.

Her death is currently being investigated by the McDonough County Sheriff's Dept. Her family grieves her loss and hopes that anyone with information regarding Silvie's injuries and resulting death will contact the Sheriff's Dept. immediately.

To honor Silvie, the Yocum family has set up a special fund through the Western Illinois Regional Council (WIRC)-Victim Services. All funds collected for Victim Services/"FOR SILVIE" will go to benefit programs for abused children, such as counseling, art therapy, supplies for children's programs, and emergency shelter for mothers and children.

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Donations can be made in Silvie's name to the following:

Victim Services/"FOR SILVIE"
PO Box 157
Macomb, IL 61455

* Please be sure to include Victim Services and "FOR SILVIE" so that the WIRC can inform the Yocum family about the good that is being done in Silvie's name.